In the Temple of Hodr

In which Krieger leads Bianca and Hrafnkel to seek the blessing of the blind god of night and winter for their journey.

(Krieger granted me kind permission to post this AWESEOME scene from his quest. Thanks, Kri!)


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A visit

So, I suppose Uncle Benedict liked the regiment of murlocs I brought him. He gave me another assignment. Already reported in on it. My new CO is exceedingly polite. Duties thus far seem light. So, as Aunt Flora seemed to have no requests about court, I'd availed myself of lady Emma's wonderful company, again, and a pleasant sip of wine...

...when father showed up.

And, am I the only one in all of Amber with no great fondness for rum?

At any rate, the prospect of a reconnaissance mission was brought up. The eventuality of violence was assured. The likelihood of death was mentioned.

I of course volunteered.

He also mentioned, in passing, of course, his needing my help with something that might require either my killing him or avenging him. Or maybe finally curing him.

Then, he left.

The mood wasn't quite the same, after.